Privacy-Policy (en)

TobiGames is a subsidiary of Wirenode s.r.o. company. We respect the privacy of our users and we are committed to protect your information as it would be be our own children.

We don't collect any personal details of the players. We might collect anonymous data (iOS version or iPad type) about usage of the apps. We use as a measurement company for this.

We don't show any advertisement in the games except information about our other games.

We dont link to external social media. Only excepion is you can share info about our game with your friends on Facebook. This feature is behind the parental gate.

We don't share any information we get with third parties.

All potential in app purchases in the games are hidden behind the parental gate as well.

If you have any question, please contact us at


Wirenode s.r.o.

Address: Za navsi 2450/11, Prague 10, 10600, Czech Republic

Tel: +420 723 552 787